How to include navigation keys?

Hi! How to activate keys as on this screenshot? VIM2_Nougat_V180619

Hello, Upper and Lower statusbars can be enable/disabled. Go to Settings/More settings/Display to select the options.

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Yes, but it does not save setting

I am running Dual-OS firmware on the VIM2. The Android side is VIM2_Nougat_20180622.
Statusbar settings survive reboot, switching to Linux and back to Android, as well as power disconnected states.
I cannot explain why your settings are failing to stick.

I seem understood what the reason. The point is that at me there is a lot of similar devices configure everyone in manual I cannot. For saving of all applications and settings I use TWRP recovery. Probably the backup was with an error and some functions worked not correctly. After a firmware everything earned, thanks!

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why i cannot resize in webflow like you do in video and when i try to see ‘brands’ from navbar in live version, there is no picture showing up
see: Bluestacks TextNow