How to gain root access in Android 64 bit VIM 4

I have a Pixel 6 Pro rooted using magisk manager and I love it. I have made a titanium backup (rooted application on my phone) and wanted to restore the apps to my khadas, for which I wanted to get root access on VIM4. Can someone please help me out here? I enabled developers options, OEM Unlocking is true, now all I need is to have boot.img file that I can use the magisk app to root. Any suggestions?

I’m familiar with root on android phones, but never tried it on VIM before.

Also if I have a 3rd party LTE modem (HP LT4120T) how can I get it to be recognized in Android?

Thank you!

Bump, does anyone know how to get root access on vim4?

@mtcl11 Just replace the 64 bit library:

adb root && adb remount
adb push /vendor/lib/
adb shell sync
adb reboot

This feature will be added to the next version of firmware.

Hey @goenjoy
Thank you for your reply. Can you please let me know is there is a way to obtain the file from windows drivers? I see that this is the drivers package link to the support page to the modem:

No, Android 11.0 64bit library is required.

Would you know how to obtain this Library?

@mtcl11 Generally speaking, we need suppliers. If you only buy online, you can’t get it.