How to flash on RK3399 Board


I have recently bought an RK3399-SOM board online, and I have managed to compile Android 10 firmware as both update.img and individual .img files.

Unfortunately, upon using the AndroidTool v2.71 (RKDevTool v2.71), it is saying the chip info as RK330C when loading my update.img file into it. See image below:

Therefore, it complains that the board is not of correct type.

Does anyone know if there is any configuration file that needs to be modified prior to compilation for the device type to be recognised as “RK3399” and not the other one?

For reference, the board I am using is this one:

Unfortunately, I am not able to compile the source code provided to me by the manufacturer as the scripts do not work for our use-case scenario.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly :slight_smile:


Which board is it? You need to follow the board manufacturers guidance.

Seems it’s not khadas board. For khadas board, you can follow this documentation.

There’s no problem. Rk3399 is just one of the rk330c serial chips.

Hello, there, I am facing the same issue with the same chip. Have you fixed this, and could you assist if possible, please?