How to flash LibreELEC firmware to eMMC?

HI all,
I am fresher, I’d like to ask may be a very simple question How to flash LibreELEC firmware to eMMC? it only tell how to make booting TF card at this site:, thank U!!!

balbes150Feb 17
Is it possible to run LE from eMMC?
Yes, this is possible. The order of installation into the internal memory (eMMC) stock firmware of Android (NOT for dualOS). 1. All of the steps in the startup LE from the external media. 2. Be sure to check all the necessary functions for working with LE external media. 3. If you are satisfied with the job LE, then you can run the installation procedure to the internal memory. To do this, power down the system, connect the media LE to a PC. Find the media file “” and name it “install.aml”. Plug the device into an off TV box and include it. The system LE is automatically installed in the internal memory. After installation, the system will turn off VIM. Removable media and turn VIM. Next, a custom LE as usual. Pay attention that when you install this will erase all information from the sections “sysytem” and “data” in the internal memory (Android will be deleted from internal memory). If at the first start of system in eMMC memory you will get an error that is not found partition /dev/system , run the installation again from the external media. To do this, don’t forget to rename the file “”. After installation, the script “install.aml” automatically returns to its original name “” and the LE will run as usual with the media.

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Steps to install in eMMC depend on the version of LE that you want to install. Write the exact version of the image LE.

This statement is deprecated. Now you can just select restart mode installation to eMMC and the system fulfill all. Any manual operations in eMMC is no longer required.

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