How to enable ethernet in khadas edge-v

@numbqq, @Frank
[2021/5/13 16:05:53] [ 0.925053] rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet: No PHY found
[2021/5/13 16:05:53] [ 0.925125] rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet: stmmac_dvr_probe: MDIO bus (id: 0) registration failed
[2021/5/13 16:05:53] [ 0.925367] rk_gmac-dwmac fe300000.ethernet: Dropping the link to regulator.5

Platform:RK3399 Android 10

@goenjoy Please help to check.

@mezhoujinjian The default code or firmware supports Ethernet. Are you using our board? If yes, there may be something wrong with the hardware. Please contact the after-sales service.

hello Zhou,
I really appreciate your article about display(, but there seems to be a problem with your blog server.If you fix the issue please contact to me( Thanks a lot.