How to download the SDK package of VIM4 android source code?

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Due to network problems, I can’t pull code from github. Is there any other way to obtain the Android vim4 sdk source code development kit?

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Hello @Lexus

@goenjoy will help you with this issue.

@Lexus Can you describe it in more detail? At present, all the codes are on github, so you need to download the codes from github.

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It is easy to break due to network access to GitHub, and the code is too large when synchronizing!, Can you pack it and send it to me through other ways?

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@Lexus Our code will be updated and uploaded to github at any time. So there is no separate code. Even the separate code is quite large. There’s no way. The Android code itself is huge.