How to create a disk image with a partition table that can be easily resized to the target device?

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well after downloading, building and compiling android source code of khadas i’ve got finally the images that can i use after so the next step is how can build a bootble img in sd card and what does each image means and for what is used :confused:

boot.img, bootloader.img, cache.img, dt.img dtbo.img, odm.img, product.img ramdisk.img, ramdisk-recovery.img, recovery.img, system.img, update.img; userdata.img, vbmeta.img and vendor.img

@Boudour have you read this ?

you don’t need to do it in that directory specificially, you can also copy everything to the home directory (including ADB tools) and do that same thing (ADB tools and images have to be in the same directory)

little break down of what those individual things are:
the images themselves are just the file partitions

explanation of the things that you need.

boot.img is your kernel image (the heart and soul of the Android itself)

cache.img is the “cache” partition for app data and such

userdata.img is mostly your apps and user data partition

recovery.img is the android recovery image, this is what boots when you go into Android recovery, its like a minimal secondary image for safe recovery

dtbo.img is the Device tree image iirc.

And Update.img is the packed image, this is what you need for using the Amlogic USB-burn tool or your SD-card burn tool for flashing

regarding partitioning, you should read this:



thanks alot @Electr1 for the help and really thanks for you time

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