How to copy eMMC image from Khadas to PC

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I’d like to know how to copy the system image running on my Khadas VIM to my PC. So that I’ll be able to clone it into other Khadas VIM boards.

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Start Armbian external media of appropriate size. If the eMMC there is not a lot of data should be sufficient 16 GB media (backup compression). Open a terminal and execute “sudo dd_backup_x” or “sudo ddbr”. Then choose what you need to do (copy or restore) and follow the prompts. The script will automatically create\restore a complete copy of all contents of the internal memory for later recovery or for transfer to new hardware.

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had to backup an install with no multiboot enabled…

sudo --text -a

select the second large partition

don’t mind the progress bar.

adds about 300 MB installed packages extra, but works

don’t forget to copy your backup to an external medium:

look for usb drive
fdisk -l

mount usb drive
sudo makedir /media/usb
sudo mount /dev/sdaX /media/usb

create an archive
sudo tar -zcvf backup.20170702.tar.gz /home/khadas/backup_20170702

copy to usb
sudo cp backup.20170702.tar.gz /media/usb/

haven’t verified the restore function…