How to connect TS050 touchscreen to Edge-V?

Sorry for NewB question. I connected my Edge-V and TS050 like pictures, but not working (couldn’t be booted)
Was I wrong? Or something else be needed?

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Build kernel:

$ cd kernel
$ make ARCH=arm64 kedge_defconfig -jN
$ make ARCH=arm64 rk3399-khadas-edge-android.img -jN

3.2 Main and Secondary Display Config

android 9.0 Config


    vendor.hwc.device.primary=DSI \

android 7.1 Config


    sys.hwc.device.primary=DSI \
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Thank you for your kind reply.
It seems about andriod. But I want to run Ubuntu.
connecting like your picture, the machine could be booted now, but The ubuntu is not loaded(screen is black). Have you any idea about this?

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Hello @Sean_Yi

When you remove the TS050, does the ubuntu boot well?

First confirm whether the LCD has been burned out. Please download this firmware validation.!7vZD0I6D!sYrXemihQWok-L9tjq-N-6xE4rcAmMId75nfr3QQhO8

Yes. When I disconnect TS050, then connect to my monitor via HDMI, System boots up and work without any problem

Thanks for your help. But I’m a newb with this kind of sbc, Can you tell me how to apply this firmware to my Edge with more details?? I’m running Ubuntu on SDCard, so I have some confusing about this method; Should I move OS to eMMC?

yes, requires erasing Flash . refer to:

There are some instructions here, but a few of the images are missing:

@tsangyoujun You deleted the picture. Follow up on this question.

The links got broken again. I will fix them.

Links are broken again on mega @goenjoy
also i’ve try to build android 10 using TS050 guide to configure dts and got boot loop on Khadas Edge V Pro with only TS050 display connected

quick update, booted board without any display, wait 5 mins, power off, attach display and it works like a charm

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@santiagax99 That was a very early firmware. Now the latest firmware directly supports dual screen display.

So I can download latest firmware of Android qt and my ts050 screen will work out of the box ? In my config ts050 is only display connected to the board

Yes, but you must first ensure that the hardware connection is correct.