How to configure the debugging serial port as a general serial port for use?

Can you tell me how to configure it?

Hello @Lexus

You may need to change the U-Boot source code to remove debug serial then rebuild and upgrade the U-Boot, here is a patch for your reference.

diff --git a/board/khadas/configs/kvim4.h b/board/khadas/configs/kvim4.h
index 617695c4c4d..f09143cadaa 100644
--- a/board/khadas/configs/kvim4.h
+++ b/board/khadas/configs/kvim4.h
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@
         "cec_ac_wakeup=1\0" \
-            "rootflags=data=writeback rw rootfstype=ext4" CONFIG_KNL_LOG_LEVEL "console=ttyS0,921600 console=tty0 no_console_suspend earlycon=aml-uart,0xfe078000 net.ifnames=0 "\
+            "rootflags=data=writeback rw rootfstype=ext4" CONFIG_KNL_LOG_LEVEL "console=tty0 no_console_suspend earlycon=aml-uart,0xfe078000 net.ifnames=0 "\
             "khadas_board=VIM4 boot_source=${boot_source} scsi_mod.scan=async xhci_hcd.quirks=0x800000 "\

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