How to configure device tree overlay in VIM4

I please need help with reconfiguring pin 3 (HUB_D4N) on the VIM 4 to be a regular GPIO. Is this possible? If so, can I please get some help with it? I have no idea how to go about it. Thank you!

Hi~ @danielcheif You can refer to our documentation.

Please check here:
1.VIM4 GPIO Header [Khadas Docs]
2.VIM4 Device Tree Overlay [Khadas Docs]

Thank you, Ivan. My apologies but I am a complete novice when it comes to these things and I’m still learning.

I see this code in the documentation:


/ {
fragment@0 {
target = <&i2c3>;

    __overlay__ {
        status = "okay";


Do I replace &i2c3 with HUB_D4N? How do I please go about it? Thank you!

@danielcheif Hi~ friend
I’ve just read the relevant documents, and your idea is not feasible.