How to change to root when use adb

Hi Man:
I use khadas with android M(6.0.1), How to change to root account when use adb?? thanks!

Write adb shell and then just write su.


It dones not work, Just one more “1” before shell after su + ENTER:
Screenshot from 2017-11-02 17:07:20

Do you have root installed?

Normally Android asks permission for host to (always) connect.
Next SuperSU asks to grant root access
(maybe you need to clear SuperSU table if once denied or timed out).
I have not tried M only N. And only kvim2.

Perhaps also try:
su - root

i am sorry, what do you mean by " root installed"?

so you mean :
step 1: adb shell
step 2: su - root ??
but only do this , not work,
(khadas + android M)

Maybe you should try:
step 1: adb root
step 2: adb shell

Have you flashed supersu?