How to buy the DIY Edge 2 Case?

I saw the latest update saying there is a limited sale on Edge 2 DIY Case, but there is no link to the purchase page. Where can I buy this case?

Click quick view. Add to card.

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Does this case support the IO module?

If you have a 3D printer you could print this:

I printed the first version of that and it does not fit the board. I’ll check the newer one but it doesnt look like it would either.

What setting did you use to print?



The first version was used by Zack Freedman of Void Star Labs. The Edge 2 fits fine:
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The Edge2 itself fits fine. But the IO board adds some height and you need to accommodate the side pins and SD card it adds.

Ah, ok, that makes sense. I’ve yet to get the IO board but when I do I plan on making a new case that will work with it.