How to build the latest AOSP for VIM3, since Google no longer officially supports VIM3

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**VIM3 Pro**

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**Self Build Images**

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**How to build the latest AOSP for VIM3, since Google no longer officially supports VIM3 any more.**

First you need to download the source code and build Android. This will take a few hours as the Android project is very large.

// Download AOSP source code:
$ repo init -u -b android-12.0.0_r7
$ repo sync -j16
//  Build Command(VIM3):
$ source build/
$ lunch yukawa-userdebug

Then on your board (flashed with this image) type the following command.


This will start a fastboot session between your computer and the board.

Then move back to the host device and check that the device is visible. You might have to use sudo for this command

$ fastboot devices
1234567890	fastboot

Now we want to prepare the bootloader for our new android image. Your board should be in upgrade mode for this step.

$ cd <path-to-aosp>/device/amlogic/yukawa/bootloader/
$ ./tools/update write u-boot_kvim3_noab.bin 0xfffa0000 0x10000
$ ./tools/update run 0xfffa0000
$ ./tools/update bl2_boot u-boot_kvim3_noab.bin

After these commands run your board will automatically open up a fastboot session. These commands do a little tidying of the vim3 board

$ fastboot oem format
$ fastboot flash bootloader u-boot_kvim3_noab.bin
$ fastboot erase bootenv
$ fastboot reboot bootloader

Finally navigate to /out/target/product/yukawa and flash the partition images. You might have to run fastboot flashing unlock on your computer before flashing.

$ fastboot flash boot boot.img
$ fastboot flash super super.img
$ fastboot flash cache cache.img
$ fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
$ fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
$ fastboot flash dtbo dtbo-unsigned.img
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This is just from the info I’ve seen. No clue if it is official.

Please check here, VIM3 support is back.

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Thank you guys. I’ll try this.