How to assemble a small portable ARM computer


First of all, I apologize for my English.

I want to assemble a portable ARM computer running Manjaro Linux and would need your help as I lack the skills to identify the necessary components.

It would consist of an ARM SoC in its small box also containing an accumulator and a portable screen.

I found this screen that seems to fit:

The latter connecting via a USB-C DisplayPort, the SoC must be equipped with this function. This single connection also supplies it with its power supply and the SoC must therefore be able to supply it with the necessary electricity via this port (8W). I have spotted four ARM SoCs with, if I haven’t made a mistake, and compatible with Manjaro Linux:

  • The ROCKPro64 by Pine64.
  • The Edge V and Captain + Edge by Khadas.
  • The ROC-RK3399-PC (Renegade Elite) by Libre Computer.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation/wiki provided on Libre Computer’s SoC, which is eliminatory given my limited knowledge.

Could you list me the components to acquire to assemble such a computer?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I think you will not find n arm SBC running manjaro which can connect over USB_c only to its touch screen.
You 'd better search for an usb + HDMI touch screen and the choice of the sbC will much broader: any vim should be OK, but a 4 port USB SBC will even be better, to avoid adding a mandatory USB hub. Also beware or Linux making those arm soc go very high in temperature when running a gui.: you will need a quite big heatsink plus a fan!


Another recommended thing is to be able to install your manjaro on an ssd (connected over m2 or msata or usb3) because linux on an sdcard is a definitive no go. And I would even prefer a mouse/touchpad over any touchscreen which would be (much) less usable for desktop guis in general. Please get inspired by Bero, he knows a thing or two on that topic

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@onizou if are you aiming for a portable solution, I suggest this combination…

A Edge-V paired with a decent 7-Inch screen. all packed into a small plastic enclosure
and a powerbank to power it on the go…

I am myself currently working on a similar but smaller setup for Ubuntu/Debian linux and Android using the Khadas TS050 touchscreen (5 inch) and a VIM3 (which is a btu faster than the Edge and consumes less power), and powered by a small 10000mAH powerbank…

If interested you can follow along, but the problem is the TS050 is not supported yet in manjaro, and we are still waiting for mainline drivers…


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Hi, here’s a ready-made solution

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yes this is a good setup, but as I said before, the TS050 does not work in Manjaro or Mainline linux,
also the battery does not work in Linux for Edge or Edge-V…

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Ide stay clear of 3399, that chip has been out for some 4-5 years and it STILL has issues on MANY boards. Stick with a quad core, your gona find more stable opperating systems with a quad core i have only been at this a short time and ive quickly seen this chip has issues.

I like it, its a fast chip but it seems very buggy imo

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If running manjaro is key, then you must choose an officially supported arm board, else you take the risk of discovering non working features and waiting for an undefined time before having a developer trying to fix anything. Having a small portable arm computer is fine, but you can do nothing but moving your mouse around, it is a waste of everyone’s time.

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what conclusion can be drawn that everything depends on the quality of the firmware in many respects :slightly_smiling_face: