How to add usb camera pid vid in the driver?

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Please tell me how to add usb camera pid vid in the driver?

Add process under the description.

Corresponding position of code.

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Hello @Lexus

Why you need do this? Your camara can’t use?

I own a usb camera, and the recognition and detection are unstable.
Then I thought about it and decided to force it in.
But my ability is limited. I can’t find the code modification location

@Lexus The instability may be related to the wire. Is the USB cable too long?

@goenjoy ,
This may be the reason.

I welded the wire myself.

Where can I add a little delay?

@goenjoy hi,
I thought about it:

Where can I add a bit of delay to identify the data read by the corresponding camera in order to achieve timing stability?

@Lexus If the instability is caused by hardware problems, it cannot be solved by software. We suggest you start with hardware. Or change to another USB camera.