How to add uboot to VIM1 ubuntu generic 6.1 image

emmc/vim1-ubuntu-18.04-server-linux-4.9-fenix-1.1.1-220725-emmc.img.xz had serious problems with wifi, both for client and AP. switched to generic 6.1 (, where wifi works perfectly.

But this image has seemingly no uboot capability, as I cannot boot to OOWOW from USB on that image. Is it possible to add uboot functionality to this image somehow?

just write mainline uboot to eMMC - Index of /firmware/uboot/mainline/ or via same oowow

what is “just write” exactly? where should this bin file go? can the VIM1 be booted to ubuntu during that?

or should i boot from sd-card first and use dump to eMMC option? it does not delete ubuntu from eMMC?

I will guide you with instructions for this.

where can I find these instructions?

@ufneeme sorry for the delay, please check the documentation text in regards: