How to add external power button to Edge/Captain

Is it possible to connect an external power button and/or reset button to the edge / captain? If yes, where do I connect it and does it need special configuration?

Something like

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If you want to connect directly to a GPIO, you need to add identification key driver, which is more troublesome. The best way is to remove the original power button, and then weld your key connection line, so that there is no need to modify the code.

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@MikesCo The power buttons and reset buttons will need to be a momentary switch, not a fixed position one you have linked to your post…

also as @goenjoy says you can unsolder the existing switches and replace them with the switch and wire connection you prefer to use…

this kind of switch is more preferable…

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why did you decide that in the MikesCo post on the link the button is not momentary? there it is clearly written in black and white, the reset button, on and off!

buddy I have that same switch and when it is press it stays pressed in the closed position, when pressed again it will unlock and open the circuit,

that is why i said it is not Ideal for that purpose, I am not sure why they said reset button, but from the looks of it, I believe it would not be compatible

he can try to buy and see, but I recommend to use the type of momentary switch I have recommended :slight_smile:

you need to fix it ,buddy

It is not broken, it is a perfectly working one, I have a set of two of them and I use for switching on Arduino projects, It is a ON/OFF button not a reset or power button…

probably they are still somewhat different, I read the description

I do not blame you, but as far as I know, this circled part is a latch mechanism, clearly stating it is not the required button, please note it is for computer motherboards, not for single board computers, and your VIM’s/Edge’s power button is clicky and does not simply click to power on and click to power off


on computers and laptops short-term button!
buddy, this ain’t no “stop” button!

I can’t weld it on, as it will lose the CE certification which is important for using it in a business environment in Germany. I will try with a PoE Splitter on the DC Port together with WOL. I must say, the positioning of these buttons (Edge with Captain) is not really good, especially the reset button is a battle to access in small environments.

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yes we have seen many complain of that on the Edge + Captain

Hello, VIM3 has XPWR pads for connecting an external switch for power. Unfortunately Edge+Captain does not have this feature.
If you are mostly wanting to turn on the Edge+Captain, the KBI allows for the setting of boot triggers. The article references the VIM2, but also applies to the Edge and Edge-V…
"9) Boot Trigger Events
VIM2 supports different events for triggering boot-up:

  • WOL: Wake on Lan*
  • RTC: RTC timer*
  • IR: IR remote controller*
  • DCIN: Plug in the DC adapter*
  • Key: Power Key/Button*
  • GPIO: External GPIO events*

This means that when your VIM2 is powered-off, any of the above events can trigger it to power-on; when that trigger event has been set to the “enabled” status."

The Captain has some programmable buttons. In the following image, it shows the front two buttons are predefined as “Function” and “Reset”. So function and reset is available there. I have tested these and they work as described.