How to activate nvme m2 disk in ark linux

Does anyone have a solution to how one can activate the pci interface in manjaro or twister or ubuntu os
I dont find the device, have installed the hd card for vim3 and installed a 500gb mvme disk.
I need to come in contact with it.
Please can anyone help, would like to know patch that wil work automaticaly from boot.

Unfortenaly even after setting up the hardware switches it doesnt fint the pci interfaces from any of the above mentioned os’es. So would realy apresiate if somone has a workaround that wil schange this permanently :slight_smile:

Hey! I recommend that you first check the switching on Android usb3.0 / psi-e, if it will work for you. Tell us which nvme brand you have, unfortunately not every one is suitable.

For example, Khadas employees are testing Samsung.

write mainline uboot ( - Index of /Firmware/uboot/mainline/) to emmc or spi flash for example via Krescue ( - Index of /Firmware/Krescue/system/) + change portmode from usb3 to pcie same via Krescue

I have done that and burned out the image for vim3 from uuntu and twister os
have also set portmode to pcie.
But i dont get contact with the pci interface and therfore cant find the disk.
I have also look in dev folder and there are no pci devises listed there.
anotherproblem is in manjaro that it seems that the hdmw environment is lacking complitly, same for raspberry pi.
But is there a way to get the proper drivers for the nvme environment and also to activate pci on the vim3pro version??

plz clarify problem

  • mainline uboot can identificate NVME PCIE device and boot up from this ? YES / NO

witch command are u using in uboot to identify nvme pci system?