How many graphic core?

In the specification on the Khadas website and A311D2 Datasheet, the Mali-G52 mp8 (8ee) graphic accelerator is indicated. This involves the presence of 8 graphic core.

Tests are shown Mali-G52, 4 Core (AIDA 64), or directly, Mali-G52 mp4 (Device Info HW).

Why is this happening and how many graphic core are in reality?

2 shader cores for the vim3 is confirmed:

the vim4 is most likely using the g52 with 2ee per shader, so mostly 4 shader cores there if the math is correct.


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Hello @Janishewskiy

VIM4 GPU ARM Mali-G52 MP8 (8EE) has 4 cores, each core has 2EE. MP8 doesn’t mean 8 cores.

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