How is made Multiboot menus

Hello. I want to install ubuntu xfce on eMMC and install android on SD card. And I want to open a multiboot screen that asks “which one do you want to start from” at startup. Is it possible? If possible, how do I do it?


Hello! this option is possible only in reverse order, Ubuntu-sd / usb, Android-emmc, and nothing else.
As for the menu, then most likely this is somewhere in the plans, I think, but for now, at the moment, this is the first boot always from sd / usb, but there is not always switching between systems, for example, as with coreelec / Android.

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ok this happens too. But is it done with the multiboot screen or with the restart option?

Does it ask at first boot or do we switch after android is booted?

There is no choice to enter the OS, I described the working algorithm to you above

@fkaraokur enter upgrade mode , you will boot into SD Card image . Then remove you SD Cand , you can boot into eMMC

It is a nice feature to have a “Visual Bootloader” but I am sure that is past the capability of the uboot we have right now…