How do we enable open GL?

Not sure if its still like this or not but back in the early 90s when i first got into computers open GL made everything faster its still stuck in my head when a computer me and my brother both had would run many things till open GL then things got faster and smoother.

Now i read open GL support this and that but so far of all the boxes i have ive never seen anything but open GL2 and its not even enabled in the developer options. By default they are off and then when you turn it on it desnt even seem to be doing anything.

Im talking about the setting in developer options called "Force 4XMMA in open gl 2.0

How do i install open GL or is it already running on android roms that support it?

Im pretty green to android is it an app? or a driver or how does it work?

Open GL 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, Vulkan (not related to open GL though and is also in the works)
exist right now, which board are you talking about by the way ?

Any of them, i have the VIM3L, Edge and the VIM3 Khadas boards but ive see these settings on almost every board and i dont see anything else about open GL or Vulkan so maybe its Impliminted in the apps themself?

Ive wtched a few youtube videos when i first got a tablet and had some issues with it. I went and watched a few youtue videos and many of them said to enable developer options then go and turn on force GPU reduring (i dont know what this means) and it said enable Force 4XMSAA open GL2.0 (i dont know what this means either) but always wondered why they wernt on by default. They also dont stay on when you reboot

By general, your CPU will try to draw those simple graphics (probably for power saving), graphics that are more demanding alone will run on the GPU, when that “Force rendering” is enabled, it will use the GPU for those simple tasks anyway, not much happens thought, but I can say that non optimized graphical webpages etc. will load faster.

These settings are not so useful on a phone because of battery and Power limits, but Since this is an SBC, there are no strings attached, but rather relies on wall power all the time, so no need of too much power optimization,

you can go ahead an enable it, if it keeps changing after reboot, I am not sure what you can do, maybe some ADB commands to fix it from not always changing, better ask @numbqq for more advice there.

All of the boards do it, even the Khadas ones

The only boards i have not tried yet are the beelink and inside of those boxes there is a battery like a computer uses and ive often wondered if it was to save settings like these and keep the clock or other “ram” type settings that when powered off or unplugged stay on a backup battery so when booted up the next time all the settings are still there.

I wish they would change these power saving features now that android is no longer just for phones and battery powered devices i wish there were options to enable or change when plugged in because with boxes like this always plugged in im not wanting the whole energy save mode for longer batter life i want max performance all the time.

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don’t even think about it!

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why not?

Have you seen the design of that blue case? I watched a tear down on youtube of that one and i thought the case was pretty well designed

I heard about how they often deceive their customers,4pda has a lot of information about this!
yes not everyone needs to believe reviews on youtube

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It wasnt a review on youtube that i watched it was a “teardown” to see how the board was layed out and how the other parts mesh up when he got to the heatsink/case was what floored me how the cooling vents were designed

So far they are a bit pricy for me

In a computer, that battery can maintain volitile bios settings and keep the clock on time. In the case of these SBCs, the battery only serves the RTC, or RealTimeClock, it only maintains the time.

Settings like those are written to the eMMC or storage device(SD/USB), that they are not persistent after reboot suggests something has more authority over that setting than the switch in Android.

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apparently they were also able to spoof widevine in android…

:open_mouth: woah how long did they get away with that?

As much as they want for those boxes surly they pay something now?

Aida64 reports the box to be from “xiaomi” not beelink. They might have some how spoofed it from Xiaomi tv boxes

sure enough, seems like a fraudulent act to do something like that :slightly_frowning_face:

Do they fudge their spec numbers too?

I dont know whats worse not paying license fees or rehashing old technology and claiming its newer faster stuff?

Most probably.

Hmm, well both are bad, I guess rehashing old tech is the more gruelsome act,

I Guess people would be just as happy if the product was a little more expensive, but had the proper Licensing, Man, who gave them these weird marketing ideas? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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