How do m.2 devices connect to edge-v?

I can’t even find any pictures of edge-v with a m.2 device connected. And I can’t find any screw hole for fixing. So how do m.2 devices connect to edge-v? Have any picture?

Thank you for replying.

The M.2 NVME 2280 SSD will connect to the Edge-V via a converter that provides a mounting hole as well as flipping the device inside the footprint of the Edge-V.

The pictures do not show a converter at this time. Our M.2 slot is the M-key type, which will only be able to mount SSDs.


Is there any ETA on the converter part? :slight_smile:

Yes, the PCB board is done. We just have to mount the components. :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this? Would love a simple adapter to flip the NVMe’s orientation

Hello, I use the M2X extension board to mount an NVMe drive.

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There are these, however 2 issues:

(a) they do not have a screw-hole to fasten it down.
(b) they are just as expensive as the M2X (which is why we didn’t make one).