How do i make an image of the stock firmware?

When i download an image from say the khadas firmware download section, the file is an image i can use to force boot the machine from an SD card.

Can i save the firmware as an image from my eMMc? not threw Krescue ive already done that

I just want am image i can use an SD card and force flash when i need if i need

Which section?

I don’t understand. If Krescue makes an SD card recoverable image, why another option?
Are you saying you want to produce from your eMMC, a firmware image like Khadas firmware files(*.img)?

You can back up SD card images with Win32 disk imager…

for eMMC Krescue is a light weight alternative for the thing you can do by yourself on a Linux-SD image,

but Krescue is easy with an automated process with simultaneous compression and other bells and whistles (we are talking about the “get fun” function :blush: ) ,

the Linux method is a purely manual process…

of course you can save wherever you like

Well maybe im not using the Krescue right

When i used Krescue it made an image of everything on my storage, apps, new files i downloaded etc.

I just want the firmware not a whole image of my VIM i just want a file like>help> files>Firmware>etc

So lets pretend its 20 years from now and some one asks for a firmware for VIM22 4D and i post a link to the firmware from the AmazonStorage site i dont want to share an image of my whole VIM22 with all my junk on it, i want just the firmware.

Hope this makes sense?>Help>Files>Firmware>VIM?

I know i can save where ever i want just the firmware as if you lost your stock firmware from your board and no one else had the file i dont want to share an image with my personal apps on it i just want to share/save/backup just the firmware that boots the VIM

See this is the part that has screwed me more then once with these boxes, i need to make a habit, when i get a box i need to first thing make a backup of the stock firmware so if lightning hits when im in the middle of trying a new firmware i have a backup of the stock firmware or the working firmware before i do anything further, i dont want to have to buy doubles of everything just to get the stock firmware like i did with the VIM1

Yes, just a copy of the firmware only how it is on all my VIM boards, they all work now and i want a back up of just the working firmware of my boards as they are all working now

Maybe here is my suggestion:

take a backup of the existing system…

delete whatever you think is “junk”, and all the stuff that doesn’t come preloaded with the ROM…

Take another backup, this time it is the “actual Image” and not just other stuff

Restore the backup you took the first time…

Tada !!! :partying_face:, you have a Image backup…,
now don’t forget to save it safely in that bitlocker called AWS cloud :grin:

the most important thing is not to get confused

Yes, that is extremely, very important, buddy…

yes, so much important information, and all useful!

I suppose make a backup before you get the device setup or “personalized”. Or, like Elect1 said, make a backup of your setup firmware, then do a factory reset on the device and take a backup of the freshly reset firmware. Then restore your setup firmware.

For RK devices, the RK flash tool can be used with a script to backup only the firmware without user data and apps. Don’t recall the script, but I will see if I can find it.

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Cool idea, never thought to do it that way using rescue then restore then rescue back to where i was.

But will this make a file like in the khadas files? or only a rescue image that must be used again with rescue?

IMO the easiest method to flash a firmware is making an SD card on a PC and then booting to the SD card and it sort of hard flashing from teh SD card.

rescue is easy also but some of the lingo once in rescue is not n00b friendly imo. its getting easier the more i mess with it but if i had a dead board in a panic to get it back running im not sure i would understand what its doing if i was new to all of this.

I assume there is a way to do that using Linux, ADB or some AML tool, but I do not know how to do it. In any event, I doubt it would be easier than Krescue, at least for those with my limited skills.

That’s why we are here, to help with the panic, but add to the confusion. :laughing:

we sure are here for everything…:joy:

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Awww! Seriously ? :roll_eyes:

If you are referring to my “add to the confusion” remark, of course, I am kidding. While confusion may occasionally result, it is unintended. The desire to help is the stongest motivator. :smiley:

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Oh wise one !, you speak so Truthfully !!! :innocent:

I was referring to the original question. :rofl: