How do I get VIM3 to choose boot mode?

When VIM3 is connected to power.
Generate a launch menu and let me select the launch mode.

  1. EMMC (ANDORID) startup mode
  2. USB,SD (COREELEC) startup mode

If you want to use the SD card image. You need to boot with upgrade key.

Then if you want to boot with eMMC,you just keep the card out .

Keys mode works, TST mode not.

@klinsmn TST mode should work in any circumstances.Which board &firmware you used ?

VIM3 V12 with Orignal FW, and this(TST not works) is confirmed by me and CoreELEC team.
Will u pls try TST to boot to coreECLEC before saying ‘should work’:grin:

@klinsmn You can use TST mode to brush the firmware again, but just the key modes can boot from SD card.

It was headache for me because reload with key mode did not work. It is important to take off power cable, then connect power and usb/sd and after that turn on Khadas.