How do I boot into Ubuntu Linux?

I bought the Khadas VIM2 because it was supposed to come with a dual boot that allowed booting into Ubuntu Linux? I can’t get it to do so. The machine boots into Android and stays there.I did not find a way to switch to Linux. I installed Ubuntu on an SD card and inserted it into the SD slot, but the machine still boots into Android.
Is there a way to boot the machine into Ubuntu, or burn Ubuntu into the hardware so it boots automatically to it?

Any help will be appreciated.


Hello, I don’t recall my VIM2 coming with dual-boot installed. However, Khadas offers a Dual-boot firmware you can flash. Other firmware is available, including Ubuntu, those can be found on the Firmware resources page. Note: look closely for ROMs labeled VIM2, not VIM.

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Instructions for flashing can be found here.

For other Linux options, have a look at the excellent work of @balbes150. He offers both eMMC, Multi-boot, and versions that boot/run from SD card or USB Flash drive.

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Thanks for your great answer.
Do you know if there is an upgrade tool for a mac?


May be this topic will help you out.


I ran the tool and the process stops at 2% every time. Did you get this behavior?


Hello, I have not run in to this issue.
What tool, and on what OS was the tool running?
What firmware image did you use?

I used the information on the USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.8.exe that was provided in your answer. It is running on windows 8.1
I used this firmware: VIM2_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V171028
Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate that.


I will download and attempt to install it to my VIM2. I will not be able to do it until tomorrow night. Once done, I will report my findings.

In the meantime, make sure you are using the PC’s main USB ports(motherboard). Also check to make sure the power saving feature is turned off for the USB port you are using.

More later.

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Thanks for doing that.
I appreciate that.
I don’t think it is a power saving issue because it happens a few seconds after the process starts. The machine is fully functioning.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the info.
It looks very convoluted somehow. I am not sure I understand exactly how to run the process.
The PC flashing app is failing me also. It stops after 2%.
Do you guys have a clean instructions sheet with a line by line code on how to flash the OS with a mac?
Or with a PC for that matter?


Hello, I have successfully flashed VIM2_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V171028 to my VIM2.

I used an old Windows tablet running Vista(yes, I am ashamed :grin: ).

Note: You may want to download a fresh copy of the firmware, just in case your original download was corrupted somehow. Note: Extract the downloaded file.

This is what I did.
1.) Open tool as Administrator, load image. Configuration shown is default after image loads…

NOTE: I change one of the default configuration settings, not everyone does this. The following screenshot shows the configuration I use to burn. Whether or not you choose my configuration is up to you. It should also work with default configuration settings.

2.) Connect USB-C cable to VIM2. Remove unused USB devices from the VIM2, remove any SD card.
3.) Press and continue to hold the VIM2’s power button, do not release.
4.) Connect the USB cable to the PC, once the tool recognizes the VIM2, release the VIM2’s power button.

5.) With the tool showing connection, press start.

Image shows successful burn…

After burning and connecting the VIM2 to power, it booted to the login screen, entered khadas for password, booted straight to desktop.


BTW I see some who have said that their VIM(2) have required additional power to reliably flash their box. I think it has more to do with the PC used to flash, than the VIM(2). In any event, I have not run in to this need myself, but if you still only get to 2 percent again, you may want to try it. This would involve applying an additional power source after making connection with the tool(step 4 above). The additional power can be supplied through one of the VIM2’s USB2 ports. Once the additional power has been applied, start the tool.
Hope it helps.