How can I test the M2x board on Edge V NVMe SSD

Ubuntu 20.04 with 5.16

Plug in the NVMe drive that is formatted ext4 into the M2x board and the board will not boot. M2x version KM2X-V-002

Removed the M2x board and connected NVMe directly onto EDGE V board and it starts to boot then hangs on Ubuntu splash screen.

Same NVMe on a USB adapter and the partitions are readable after it boots.

This board was sensitive to a flaky power supply that ran the VIM3 & 1 fine. Its now on a lab supply.

In Krescue I did select PCIe

It will not boot from USB either using SSD or NVMe on adapter.

Have you attach the serial debug tool? Do you have rootfs in the SSD?

Can you use our 24W PD adapter to supply the power?

Next time an order is placed we will get one to test.

Did find the problem with the M2x board, it was my fault. The heatsink on the NVMe cooler was just a little bit lower and was touching one of the components near the connector. Cut down the heatsink bracket and it works really good.

Its getting 859 Mbs and .04 msec access time using gnome-disk-utility.

I will look into the USB boot issue again, now ts configured emmc and NVMe. Did not realize the emmc was that fast. Not sure if SSD boot will be needed.

It would be nice if the board would boot from the NVMe, maybe in the future??