How can I get the SPDIF out to work on tone1 generic board

I am using it with a raspberry pi 4b+, currently using the usb for Data in and I gpio 1&21 to power the board . I would like to use the SPDIF out to my main amp?

What am i missing, IM sure it’s silly, but I cant get it to output anything?

Hi @LeFab
The Tone1 not support SPDIF output, and the Tone1 Generic VIM Edition just bypasses Tone1’s DAC direct from VIM SBC to RCA-Out :slight_smile:

Have fun!

what?!! but I read on the website when i wanted to buy it and I am 100% it did say SPDIF out Possible with Tone1? I do not have nor want a VIM! and i bought the board specifically for THAT use!

is’t there a way to access it through coding or the gpio?

Hi @LeFab
Confirmed the Tone1 only able to bypass the SPDIF Output from VIM SBC to the Coaxial RCA, you can check the specs below for further details:

Maybe you can contact the sales for a return or refund in your case.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I do not understand why you guys chose to have it bypassed on the generic and not on the vim model, there is literally NO DIFFERENCE on the boards at all except the gpio extender that is already soldered. Why did you choose to do this^ seems silly to me!! especially that both were same exact price?!

can I at least use my hifi berry digi2pro board on my rpi and the tone1 to get a spdif our like that?

can you answer why was that choice was made?, if i had known i would have gotten the vim model, which was exactly the same price? why the difference? i am really annoyed by this weird choice from your part. I cant wrap my head around it. seems so silly.

i would appreciate an answer.

I must agree, the statement on same page about Interfaces is confusing: “The two versions of the Tone Board’s RCA output interface are the same, both have 2 RCA for analog output @ 2.0Vrms, and 1 RCA for S/PDIF input or output.”