How can I find my Khadas Tea?

Is there somebody to be received the Khadas Tea???

Could you know this message… please, explain it to me…

I ordered it in April… On June 1st, I received
" Hi~, we are arranging the shipment for you, tracking number: 1Z79xxxxx"
But, I didn’t receive my Khadas Tea
Yesterday UPS Notification came to me.
"Your shipment

Delivered On
Thursday, June 02 at 7:33 P.M. at Front Door

Delivered To

Front Door??? In SHENZHEN???
This is delivered to the wrong place… How can I find my Khadas Tea???

I have the same problem. Did you get this resolved?

Hi~, Thanks for your purchase on! We do apologize for the inconvenience lead. We are having some issue with our UPS account.
and we are really sorry to inform you that your package sent out a few days ago has been returned.
We will resend your package and update you the tracking number soon. thank you for your cooperation.

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Not yet…
Khadas resent my package using 4PX I heard.
They told me it took 7-20 days…
It’s so disappointing.
It’s hard to trust them.

I’m wondering wether too wait now…after reading your issue’s and the time taking for delivery then I don’t know if I can reliably get delivery in UK :uk:.
I’ve been waiting for the stock to come back. The grey are back but not teal blue.
I agree with the comment about trust. It’s hard too trust especially with the problems at the moment and when you’re buying an expensive product it worries me.
I’ll look around on internet and search other options.
Thanks for your honest experiences.