How can I acess framebuffer mode in VIM3 ubuntu without using keyboard(maybe a shell script)?

Hi Community,

I want to use the Vim3 in outdoor environment so I won’t be having keyboard but I’ll be using khadas Touchscreen though. I want to run custom YOLOv3 NPU on that setup and it requires too be in a framebuffer mode and run 2-3 scripts. I couldn’t type those scripts neither could I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to access framebuffer as I won’t be having keyboard. So, is there any way I could do this by maybe an icon click on desktop which opens framebuffer and type/run a shell script. Maybe I could create a .desktop file in Ubuntu. Any linux heroes would probably help me with this, I’m open for suggestion so please help me running yolov3 in outdoor environment.


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basically you want to use a framebuffer console, but also want something like an onscreen keyboard in it as you won’t have a keyboard physically connected to it right ? :slight_smile:

Maybe just use an onscreen keyboard ? :upside_down_face:

Yeah thats, an option to go with but does framebuffer shows on screen keyboard? Isn’t it possible to place an desktop icon to open framebuffer and run a shell command automatically. I see “.desktop” file can run shell commands on terminal but any idea to run those commands in framebuffer instead?

If you use something like i3 window manager you can open a terminal which fills the top half, and an onscreen keyboard on the bottom half, see if that suits your need.

No @Electr1 , thats not an option suitable for my need. Can anybody tell me any shell script, command or tweak to directly run command to open framebuffer mode and run a script there?

Hi, I got a way to acess framebuffer mode from GUI desktop terminal if someone comes to this post to seek this method. I can make a shell script like this:

`echo <PASSWORD> | sudo -S chvt <TTY number> $SHELL`

And wrap this shell script inside a “.desktop” file and make it launchable. So now I can access the framebuffer mode. And I think we can setup an autologin TTY so don’t need keyboard to enter usename and pass. And now, I just need to run a command in that TTY from GUI terminal only. Is their any way I can append the commands I want to run in TTY in that shell script above to run it from GUI only? Please help me out here.

Also, what we can do is:

  1. Make framebuffer mode default after booting instead of GUI mode with autologin.
  2. Make a startup service to run a shell script there on framebuffer mode only.

Can anyone help me with any of the(maybe new one) workarounds? @Frank If you could help me in this or know anyone who could help me, it would be a great help to me.