How add library to ROM?

Hello. I am little newbie in android ROM making.
But i want to learn :slight_smile:
I download sources, configure environment and successfully build clean latest nougat.
Now i want add GPS library to my ROM.
But i don’t fully understand how.
I found this document

and follow instructions:

  1. Copy Source Code Directory of GPS Driver
    Copy the “gps/” from source code directory of Quectel GPS driver to “(_$AndroidSourceRoot)/hardware
    /libhardware /modules”.
  2. Modify Android Makefile
    Modify the “” file under the “(_$AndroidSourceRoot)/hardware/libhardware/modules” directory
    as below:
    hardware_modules := gralloc hwcomposer audio nfc gps

so i have:

make -j4 gps not work

make -j otaimage also not compile lib.
What i doing wrong?

This library i want include in ROM

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