Hotspot settings

how change/set the default subnet mask and subnet IP for the hotspot that is created on VIM4?

Our new firmware version has solved the problem you asked. But it has not been fully tested by testers. So it has not been released yet. You can download and verify first.

@goenjoy , we tested with the image shared above. However, we still see the issue with the subnet.
Here, we observed that when we enable the hotspot, we get an IP address to the connected client. However, whenever we reboot the device, the subnet is getting changed.
I hope, this issue will be taken care in the next release.
However, please let us know when is your next release expected?

@mbakshi Have you set the static IP?

@goenjoy, we tried setting the static IP on VIM4’s wlan0 interface. So, it was successful when it was connected to the external Wifi network. However, when Hotspot is turned ON, its Wifi got turned OFF and the static IP also got changed.
Can you suggest how to set it while Hotspot is ON?

@goenjoy , do you have any suggestions on the above query?
When Hotspot is enabled, how do we get a static IP or fixed IP on the “wlan0” interface for VIM4 device?
Did you find any solution for this problem?

@mbakshi My verification is OK. Please give feedback on your detailed steps and processes.