Hotspot not turning on the Vim4 android 11

@Genom @goenjoy @xiong.zhang

I have vim4 with 5G sim module when i am trying to enable hotspot for the board it’s auto getting off.

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy What steps are you using to turn on the Hotspot.

Are you using an appropriate power supply with adequate wattage ?

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy Thank you for your feedback. The 4G module does not have this issue, while the 5G module does. Next, we will follow up on this bug.


common$ git diff
--- a/drivers/pcie_mhi/devices/mhi_netdev_quectel.c
+++ b/drivers/pcie_mhi/devices/mhi_netdev_quectel.c
@@ -1330,7 +1330,7 @@ static struct net_device * rmnet_vnd_register_device(struct mhi_netdev *pQmapDev
        priv->pQmapDev = pQmapDev;
        priv->qmap_version = pQmapDev->qmap_version;
        priv->mux_id = mux_id;
-       sprintf(qmap_net->name, "%s.%d", real_dev->name, offset_id + 1);
+       sprintf(qmap_net->name, "%s_%d", real_dev->name, offset_id + 1);
        memcpy (qmap_net->dev_addr, real_dev->dev_addr, ETH_ALEN);


I have try this when wifi is on that time hotspot is working fine but when wifi not connected only 5G sim module is connected and network and data is present that time it’s automatically turning off hotspot.

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy I confirm that it is OK on my end. It must be that your modifications did not take effect. It is likely that you did not compile the kernel correctly. Please add a log to confirm.

Hi @goenjoy
with sim Hotspot working fine but with wifi it’s not able to enable hotspot

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy What do you mean is that connecting a 5G SIM and WiFi at the same time, and then unable to open the hotspot?