Hooking fan to GPIO pins?

I got a VIM1 and put it into that after market aluminum case from (i think sweden) its a passive case with a chip pad you mount the board to, it runs way to hot for my liking so i wanted sit a fan on the case which is working ive already seen the temps go down.

Right now i have it plugged into pin 1 and 21 but the fan has 3 lines i was wanting to hook it to 4,5, 6 or 5, 6, 7,

The lines on the fan are ground, 5v and i believe the rpm sensing so if i hook the sensing line to the I/O pins on the board will it hurt anything?

What is HUB_DP1? and what is HUB_DM2?

The hub DM and DP are the USB data Minus and data Plus lines. The DM2 and DP2 are the GPIO’s second USB data lines. Does no apply to all, check individual VIMs GPIO pinouts for ref.

I would not connect the sense line on the fan, just + and -. You can connect the fan’s plus lead to any of the GPIO 5v pins, the fan’s ground can be hooked to any of the GPIO ground pins. Using pins 1 and 21 will leave the GPIO USB ports available for USB duty.