Help~ X96 box cannot power on into android after burned VIM board image

Hello VIM team!
As titled, X96 box show VIM logo and then restart repeatedly. I can not upgrade it back to X96 image anymore. :frowning:
Any suggestion? Thanks a lot!

Hello, I am not Vim team, but offer the following.
Maybe you would have success with your device’s proper firmware and the bootcard maker. You did not include many details, for instance, what method(s) have you used to attempt flashing your device’s proper firmware?

If all else fails, you may have to attempt MASKROM flash. For more info on this and other issues, have a look over at Freaktab under their Amlogic/other section. Maybe this is your device, I don’t know.
It will be up to the user to determine what firmware(s) is(are) suitable for one’s device.
Keep in mind, many non-branded boxes look the same and are even named the same, but these may not be identical inside(different WiFi module, etc). It is very important to make sure the firmware used is correct.
Good luck.

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RDFTKV, thanks for your information.
I used the USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.8 tool to upgrade VIM image. And upgraded with official image successfully before. I’ll try the MASKROM flash as you mentioned. Hope that can be worked!