Help with Android update/box refresh please!

So I liked the idea of dual-booting Android and Ubuntu but i wasn’t aware that the vast majority of the available disk space would be reserved for ubuntu and would like to go back to just Android.

So I have tried to upgrade Android via the sd card method, which doesn’t work. Actually the box doesn’t boot straight into the upgrade procedure as suggested in the documentation, it goes to a menu. Here I got to APPLY UPDATE FROM EXT > SD CARD and the following error repeats;

failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk1 on /sdcard by read only (invalid argument)

i have also tried the wipe and factory reset options but this still leaves the dual boot intact and only wipes the Android settings…

So I would appreciate if somebody could explain how i can wipe the box and just install the latest version of Android. I’m running Linux so intructions on linux would be ideal.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I have not used the SD card method, so cannot offer advice for it. I use the USB Burning Tool for Windows. However, there is a method for using Linux to update, see here.