Help to select VIM3L SBC for camera realted products

I am working on camera product where I need to select VIM3L SBC for that.
Below are my required specification.

  1. USB and MIPI camera streaming 720P@30 fps
  2. Battery operated , and battery monitoring (fuel gauge perhaps )
  3. WIFI,BT
  4. Secure Boot
  5. Less power consumption (can work with 1600 - 2000 Mah bat. for WIFI and camera streaming )
  6. Optimized boot time (can be done from software obviously )

So can VIM3L SBC will help here ?
Are there any near similar products available (links?) of the same ?

Appreciate your inputs.


You will have to add one of your own.

It is possible.

What do you plan to use? Android or linux?

Depends how long you want the device to stay alive.

Why don’t you just pick a diy linux camera for this use case? As you will need sbc case and camera case for production use which you might have to design by yourself.

Vim3l can do what you need but it is an overkill for this use case.

Pine64 have pinecube which is a tiny sbc based camera can run linux. You can use wifi or lan depending on your use case.


Hi @Spikerguy ,

Thank you for your quick replay , appreciate it.

  1. Fual gague - Any link available supported for khadas VIM3 it self ?, (perhaps off the shelf ?)
  2. OS - Yes I am going to use Linux .
  3. Power consumption - Any benchmark or document available for calculating as per use case ?
  • SBC - Yes indeed d-i-y can be chosen and pine64 cube look really good , but we will need USB camera plug and play initially , MIPI is good have in plug and play manner as well.
    Streaming currently we are planning for 12MP sensor
    Also VIM3 has NPU which will be helpful in future for performing AI related stuff for industrial use case.
    VIM3 uses Amlogic vs pine64 uses allwinner.
    But certainly i will take pine64 into consideration for exploration.


please note that that the VIM3L doesn’t have an ISP, and you cannot just connect any mipi based camera as you wish, I would suggest contacting @Gouwa for more relevant info about what sensors can be connected.

Hi @Electr1 ,
Thanks for the info , i have been through this and its has written in comparison table that VIM3l do not have integrated ISP.
But primary we are planning to go with USB camera and as mentioned in earlier post MIPI will be good to have.


Any thoughts on this ?


Hi Folks,

Any further assistance will be appreciated .


@rutvij.trivedi please state your endpoint, not your needs, it will help choose a better product that is more applicable :slightly_smiling_face:

@Electr1 This is what I am looking for ?


no, I mean what is your endpoint requirement, is this an remote streaming camera, some sort of handheld device ? that will help decide a better choice of needs

@Electr1 , Thanks for the help, yes It will be a device that will have cloud capability, handheld, and any USB camera can be a plugin for the streaming MIPI camera is secondary but good to have.

This should have those above-mentioned minimal features, i.e wifi/BT, secure boot, the healthy power , battery monitoring consumption, etc.

We are targetting 720P@30 fps here for streaming.


Any inputs ?


@rutvij.trivedi I’m sorry but your requirements to too wide to recommend anything, you seem to be asking for something equivalent a regular smartphone.

Hi @Electr1,
At least these can be addressed ?

Battery operated, and battery monitoring (fuel gauge perhaps )
Secure Boot
Interfacing of mic ?

Thanks for your response though.


must be done externally, power can be supplied via the VIN port, if you want to interface with the device to the charging circuitry internally with the system you will need something communicating over something like I2C, here’s a simple mockup of what it would look like for your reference

this might require some uboot modifications, or perhaps an external TPM.

I think that i2S can be used as Mic input, there must have been a topic on this discussed earlier

I hope that helps with your questions

Hi @Electr1 ,
Thanks a lot for the information.
Really appriciate


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