Help! something wrong with my khadas tone board(Broken?)

I bought my khadas tone board one and a half months ago from Taobao.
Since yesterday it has an seriously issue, I can no longer play it with dsd: wasapi(event) or dsd:wasapi(shared) for foobar2000.
For dsd:wasapi(event) mode, the sound is just a mess, like thing is broken!
I will post the link for my recording below:

For dsd:wasapi(shared) mode, no sound at all!
Before yesterday, I could use these two dsd modes without any problem.
I’ve tried it on another computer and reinstall my foobar2000, the problems are still the same.
I’ve tried this toneboard with another soundbox and Amplifier, the problems are still the same.
It means the problem must be the tone board.
But after I switched DSD mode to PCM mode, the problems were gone, the sound is ok.
And for dsd:wasapi(push)mode, I can use dsd mode to play dsd files, and the sound is fine too.
I am concerned that the dsd decoding function for my khadas tone board might be broken and there would be some other problems coming soon, cuz two out of the three dsd modes malfunction now.
I’ve ask the Taobao customer service and he asked me to ask for help here.
PLZ help, should I send my tone board back for repair?

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Problem solved. But I still don’t know how it happened.
It seemed to be lagging.
So I checked out the Advanced setting for wasapi: push and event.
I found out the hardware buffer for push was 200ms, and for event was 25ms.
I tried to make this figure bigger for event but the lagging seemed to be wider. Then I set the hardweare buffer below 20ms instead of 25 ms, problem solved. I’ve tried setting the buffer between 1 ms to 23ms, I can’t tell the difference but thing was fine.


Could it be that the Foobar2000 auto-updated, changing it’s settings?

感谢更新! / Thanks for the update!

Have fun!