Help Needed, VIM1 can't burn the update.img to it

Hello guys,

Khadas VIM1: v1.2 1610
At first, tried Android Pie, downloaded from here, as it didn’t work, tried other images, no sucess.

That’s the first time I try to upgrade my Khadas, bought it from a friend and it came with Android TV 6.0.1 installed, after using it for a quite some time, started to get some connection issues, first with Netflix, then Twitch and many more. So, reading about it, I figured that I should upgrade the VIM to a Normal USER Android, I tried Android Pie, did all the steps as showed here and it never passed 4% Download Boot, it shows me lots of errors as the image I’ll upload. I have the USB-C cable connected and USB-A to USB-A connected for power supply.

I only have tried the USB-C upgrade, haven’t tried the TF Card upgrade, because my computer got no plug for TF Cards. Every time I connect the VIM to the Desktop, it shows up in the USB_Burning_Tool as Connect sucess. I just don’t know how to make it burn sucessfully. Tried different USB ports on the Desktop, different cables but it just don’t work

Hope you guys can help me. Any other information you guys may ask, I’m here to answer, if possible.


Hello, In your screenshot of the USB Burning Tool, the image being flashed is not VIM1_Pie_V190823, it is one of superceleron’s custom VIM1 ROMs. Should also flash OK.
There was an issue, don’t recall if it was on the VIM1, where repeated attempts brought success. You might try leaving the VIM1 connected to the USB Burning Tool, when it fails, hit the stop button, then hit the start button again, if it fails again, repeat a few times to see if it goes through. Otherwise…

It might be a good idea to erase the eMMC first, and then try to flash again. How to erase the eMMC is here.

As for using an SD card, USB card readers can be had for very little. Always a valuable tool to have around.

I appreciate the quick reply, sir.

  • Well, as you said, that’s superceleron’s Custom ROM indeed, I’m just trying anything to se if it works, who knows, right?

  • I’ve already tried repeatedly attempts to flash it, clicking start/stop, no sucess… Tried again just few moments ago, no sucess.

  • I think that I have erased eMMC, but I don’t know what happens when we erase eMMC haha.

  • As for the USB card reader, you’re right. I should have one here, as a matter of fact I have a broken one haha, but with all that situation about the Covid-19, all shops are closed here in my country.

Perhaps I’ll have to wait until I can buy a USB card reader.

Thank you, again.

Hello! it’s time to move on to the second phase, called Krescue, cleaning up eMMC and then updating the system to your vim1.
Step-by-step instruction…

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Vladimir, indeed my friend, this could be a very good option!
I’ll try this as soon as I get one USB card reader.
Thanks for the help.

This is not necessary for you, there are many different options, which is why I offer Krescue! good luck to you!

OMG, sorry man, I wasn’t getting what you were trying to say, Let me see if i get it… You’re saying that I have use USB_Burning_Tool to flash Krescue on the VIM?

As I said before, I’m kinda new to this thing of Khadas, and all that stuff… So forgive me for being a little bit ignorant haha.

Thanks for the help.

Everything works fine for you, you just need the right algorithm of actions! Now you do not need to think that something is not working for you, it is confusing and distracting from the right actions :slightly_smiling_face:
Judging by the photo of your first post, you have a usb transfer error.

Hello! in fact, this is not entirely true, this is only one way, but there you can act in absolutely many ways
It can work as host, client-server.

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I thought Krescue had to boot from SD card. I will look at it further. Thanks.

u can write and start krescue from EMMC same as SD, this cool options when u dont have other variants - u can rewrite any os to other os without any additioan stuff , just your vim board!

  • another options krescue stored into SPI flash - and can be started by anytime (not released at this moment - still on test stage )

please help!
boot Krescue from SD but EMMC is damage; I couln t write images on EMMC.
when I use USB Burning tool I had always eroor at 7% when it farmatiing.
thank you

Well guys, just to let you know… I got an USB Card Reader and I managed to install Android Pie on my Vim1 on the first attempt using Krescue.
As I tried it with lots of cables and different USB ports on my computer, I just can think of one thing that can be damaged, which is the USB-C port on my Vim1.
I wanna thank you guys for helping me!


try switching to “erase all” mode, although it is not recommended to use it. Also in “Krescue” there is an option to clean eMMC, try different options. Good luck!

Tried “erase all” mode. Tried stop and start.
in Krescue I try all option to clean EMMC. I have vim v1.12, and I tried to install last week from SD lakka; maybe I did something wrong.

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yes, there you need in two steps, first “download” the image, then its “installation”

Thanks for your help @Vladimir.v.v

I think have badblock on EMMC.

bad news, I hope Khadas staff can help you! good luck!

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looks like emmc broken!!!
plz contact with @Kingsley he can help replace device if it possible!

PS: plz try different POWER ADAPTERS sometimes may be can help - may be not :wink:

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Hi, Hyphop! I want to ask, is it possible to work vim*** without a working eMMC, for example, if it is loading the system from external drives ,or the circuit diagram of the Board will be broken? thank you!
Likely to work if the download in the “Krescue" successful😉

In this case, you will not lose everything , you will be able to work with some systems from external drives .