Heatsinks and cases

I just got my Edge 2 and tried using the edge heatsink for the Edge which I ordered from Amazon. It seems to interfere with the small button cell battery on the board. Are there any other options available now? Also same for cases, are any available for sale? Or is there a 3d model of edge 2 I can use to design a 3d printer case for?

There is a website to download Khadas Edge2’s resource files, but the 3D CAD folder is empty. I contacted to Khadas website and asked where and when I could get the 3D model files, but I could not get any helpful answers.
They just repeated that 3D files can be downloaded from the Edge2 Resource Download Center.
I don’t understand why they don’t provide a 3D model.

Do you have a 3d model of the actual board, not a the case?

The whole updated content for edge2 thing has been pretty sloppy so far. The product page linked to a non existent board section until i pointed it out the other week. We will likely see more content for the edge2 in the near future.

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No, I’m looking forward that 3D file be uploaded.

If I had the actual board solid model I can create a “bench test” case that would be optimized for 3D printing. We don’t have that model of board so I cannot get any measurements, that is why the solid model is needed.

WRT cases, I designed this. Probably not my final but it works well enough:

Hi Brad, What design tool do you use for that, looks pretty awesome btw.

Hello @inthegarage . Thank you! I use Fusion 360 by Autodesk.

The latest iteration is more compact and protects the heatsink a bit better.

Thanks Brad, It’s looking good, how are you coping with the WIFI antennas, do they “just” fit in the box?

@inthegarage I tuck them under. It looks like it doesn’t put a lot of stress on the solder joints (my main concern) and I still get good reception.

I should post a picture on the Thingiverse post and may get around to it at some point.

I may design a new cover, when I get some time, that deals with the antennas in a better way. Not sure, just yet, how to mount them.

Sounds like a reasonable solution. As they are so difficult to mount I was thinking of soldering an enamelled wire to the pins and then hooking around the antenna. That bit of edge 2 isn’t great and when the next revision comes out I’d like to see it improved. I get the thing needs to be small, the current solution needs work.

Currently does this STL support the Add on PCB with Micro SD etc.


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Edge2 I/O pub isn’t in the hands of consumers. Unless I’m mistaken? So I don’t think we have CAD files yet of it

Hi Robert,

No, it just fits the Edge2 board currently.

What is that other board you have in the picture? Does it breakout some of the GPIO’s, etc.?


New EDGE 2 and I/O
Base works ok to protect it while in use.
Just a quick and dirty with what had laying.

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Ooooohhhh! Ahhhhhhh!

What’s the I/O board? What functionality does it provide?

It it this?

Still sorting it all out…

As you can see By Previous image, a few goodies added

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That says Edge2 IO… how does one get ahold of said device?

I’d be happy to touch up the case to make it accessible.

Edge2 IO will be ready soon.