Headphone Amp recommendations to pair with Tone 2


I would like to have some headphone amps recommendations to pair with my beloved Tone 2 Pro. I currently own a magni 2, and i would like to upgrade to something with pre-outs.


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Hi,Thanks,Great!We will also release our headphone AMP for high impedance headphones matching with Tone2 Pro. :wink:


Thank you @Eric68 fantastic! Can you tell what’s the expected date?

If you want to go balanced, the Topping A90 is probably among the best available. I’m quite happy with the THX AAA 789.

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Do you have a release date in mind?
I want to move from my Zen CAN to a new one.

I too am interested in the release date, looking to upgrade as well. Would be awesome if you guys can make it somehow stackable with the Tone 2 Pro!

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