HDMI Self Adaption / Refresh Rate Switching

I’m interested in picking this device up, but I need to know if it supports “HDMI self adaption” / aka “Refresh Rate Switching” INSIDE ANDROID. Meaning it works with apps like MXplayer, etc.

My MINIX box works properly with that feature. I think the AM1 from Ugoos also has that feature.

I don’t care about Kodi - I will use Libreelec for that.

But yes, I need that feature in order to purchase the VIM.


Yes, of course Khadas VIM feature this, the system will check the EDID information from TV then setup the best HDMI output resolution.

Actually, most of the TV-Box devices support this :wink:

Found another topic from you. :blush:

Can you test on a 60p moniter and see if your TV switches to 24p automatically when you play 24p content in MX PLAYER…

I think we are talking about two different things - seeing as only the Wetek/MINIX (maybe a few others) have this feature.

I want the box to output @ 1080p @ 60p, but I want it to automatically change my TV to 1080p @ 24p when 24p content is played from Android apps like MX player.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like no s905x device supports this yet, hence why companies like Wetek haven’t bothered with the s905x chipset yet.

The MIBOX doesn’t have it either. So I think we are talking about two different things?

LOTS of TV boxes have the option for the feature - but it doesn’t work lol.