HDMI resolution


I connected 120 Hz supported HDMI display with the VIM3 board.
But when I check display resolution in an android setting I am able to detect display up to 60 Hz only.
As per HDMI specification, it can support more. can you please tell why I am not able to detect 120 Hz and 90 Hz display resolution in setting the application?

VIM3 can only support up to 60Hz, even if the HDMI spec can support it, It depends on the SoC mainly…


@Electr1 Thanks for the update.

Is there any way we can get support of this 120 Hz display ??

@Jigar even if you could do a “HDMI-Overclock” to get high refresh refresh rate, remember you would take a toll on graphics performance…

Also in things like android, the apps are already capped at 60Hz max…

@Vladimir.v.v Thanks for the reply.

Can you please explain what kind of hardware level support is required ??

If i am not wrong as per Vim3 specification it has HDMI2.1 transmitter with 3D support might be that is sufficient for 90 or 120 Hz display.

For me its okay to negotiate with GPU rendering or speed (Graphics performance).

Can you share detail how we can achieve ? It would be good help for me.
And what kind of efforts required?

Hi, I will correct the messages above, as indicated in the specification of the processor itself, the maximum allowable 4k / 75 fps

Buddy, you were wrong .

I have never seen it have a higher framerate than 60Hz…

You should verify it from real life perspective as well, not just what is on the paper…

This paper, as you call it, I took from the official Khadas store on AliExpress :wink:

That is just the VIM3 spec sheet from the dl.khadas.com

I am sure it has never achieved over 60Hz, maybe @numbqq can verify…

Buddy, we are waiting for you here with proofs and not just words!

Buddy, that page only says “75Hz Video decoder”,
not 75Hz HDMI output ! verify what you say mate…

HDMI and video decoder are two different things…
so now tell me, who is wrong ?
:roll_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Everything is written correctly there, then that it decodes the video in 4k 75fps, yes, you are still wrong, buddy.

And I’ll answer that, vim3 has an HDMI2.1 port with 4k75fps support

You have connected an HDMI 2.1 cable, this is important too?!
And the port on your monitor must also be HDMI 2.1!

Can you confirm all this?

And only in this case you will see all your monitor frequencies!
The problem is definitely not with vim3!

@Vladimir.v.v Yes i am using correct cable and display
as i have tested with rk3399 based board

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In this case, the reason is only in the firmware !!! I see no other reason :man_shrugging:t3:

@Jigar what refresh were you able to achieve with the RK3399 board ?
higher than 60Hz ?

I think he is talking about a different manufacturer, on different software. I also looked at the information about the HDMI 2.0 version, it also works with a frequency of 120 hertz with a resolution not higher than 1080p

Yes i am able to get 120 and 90 Hz refresh rate with rk3399 based board.
and resolution is HD

well that is no doubt, It seems it is there in the specs of the RK3399,

supports up to 90Hz refresh rate, and 20ms response time, for uses like in VR