HDMI Monitor Resolution

I have installed [VIM_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V170831]
on VIM1 and connected 21in ch HDMI monitor. The resolution inside the GUI is showing 1920x1028 and could change to any other option from Ubuntu Displays in control center.

How to chage the monitor resolution from command line in ubuntu 16.04 in VIM1.
The display is showing only half portion now.


@ Can you try the new firmware.VIM1_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20190830.7z

Yes, But i have limitation to stick back to Ubuntu 16.04 as i need to work with tensorflow as well. which not available in Ubuntu 18.04 currently.

@vijayKhadas It can install in ubuntu18 ,but you need to wait for the docs some times which page about how to install it in ubuntu18