HDMI input for EDGE2 [Part 2]

The “MIPI Alliance Specification”, specifies the image and control signals (marked in yellow), but not the connector itself or the pin-out. Which is understandable since camera modules have different supply requirements etc.

Thereof a few questions:

  1. Regarding the CAM[n] signals (marked in green). Which one is required when interfacing with a HDMI to CSI converter board (probably only RST)?

  2. Does CAM[n]_PDN1 and CAM[n]_PDN2 enable/disable the regulators?

Eg. on RaspberryPi devices when using a converter there is CAM_GPIO signal that needs to be present for the camera regulators…

  1. My understanding is that CSI-2 lanes can be swapped as long as polarity is maintained (P and N signals match) ?

If you don’t need CLK and PDN signals, please make sure your device can handle it.

Yes, control the power.

Edge2 camera configrations.

But we never tried this on our board.