HDMI In Sound + H265 Encoding

Hey there,

i am thinking about buying a VIM4 for my use-case but i will need a working HDMI Input with Sound using gstreamer and H265 encoding of that.

Example: HDMI In → Gstreamer H265 → Save to Folder on microSD card

Is this possible with the VIM4 as of now?

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At this moment we can’t get the HDMI IN frames, only for display on video layer, but we are working on this feature.

Only for display on video layer means we can just show it on screen but not work with it inside gstreamer?

Is there any timeframe for gstreamer support?
And what’s the current issue which prevents it from working properly?

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Oh and one more thing, if i would add an external hdmi input (example elgato camlink) would i be able to use the h265 encoder in a gstreamer pipeline?

Would be nice to get feedback on those two questions (this and the one above)

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Yes, you can just preview the hdmi in image at this moment. Gstreamer HDMIIN plugin is still working in progress.

Is there any ETA possible or will it take some more time?