HDMI failing or no video

Hi, since I bought my Khadas VIM2 Max two years ago I had problems with the video, so it was stored since then (I always thought the problem was related to my 4K receiver).

Today I decided to use it again, and discovered that the problem was in HDMI connector. Sometimes it works perfectly, but sometimes I don’t get video or the image is failed. If I put pressure on the conector I’m able to see the video.

I’m using Ubuntu image: Welcome to Fenix 0.8.1 Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Linux 4.9.206
but the problem appears even on splash boot screen.

Any suggestions from community? Is there a way to have HDMI signal from 40-pin slot?


Hi, I think your HDMI port had been damaged, can you take a photograph of the connection port ?
We can do a visual inspection of the port area, If not the HDMI port it could also be the Cables, try a different cable then…

Nope, that is not possible, you can attach some small LCD screens over SPI interface, but HDMI not possible

Hello, I assume you have tried different HDMI cables.
Short of sending the board to Khadas for repair the following may be options.

If the port is bad, perhaps it could be changed. If it is a cold solder joint or similar, reflowing the connector(port) might do it.
If you are not comfortable with the soldering, perhaps a local repair shop could do it for a small fee.

@ralexsander What is your display frequency resolution ?

Hi, does this happen to with all the firmware?

The back of HDMI connector looks suspicious to me.

I also made a video:

Yes I tried many cables and Displays. I’m not comfortable soldering such small pins. I’ll probably take it to a local repair shop if the problem is the cold soldering.

I’m not sure about the frequency, but the resolution is 2560x1080p

I’ve tested with Ubuntu and Android. Both had the same problem.

Oh dear, @ralexsander it seems like the port has been physically damaged, you will need to replace the part itself, your options are to give it to khadas and get it fixed, or to buy a HDMI receptacle and get it soldered by someone, I hope you will be able to fix it successfully :slightly_smiling_face:

most likely the warranty time has expired, you can try to independently give it for diagnosis somewhere in your city

Since I will have to replace the HDMI connector anyway I decided to try something else.

I don’t know if it will last longer, but what I did was to clean the connector with isopropyl alcohol and then using a tiny pry tool I scratched the contact part on both sides of the connector.

It is running for a hour with no problems.

Thank you all guys.


It seems like could have been grease or dirt build up on the contacts, please do further testing to see if it maintains stability, All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, for the sake of interest, did you always have a board open?

Yes, this is a common thing, therefore it is better to always keep the board closed

No, I opened just to take a better picture.

hmm, then for me it’s a mystery how he could get hurt