HDMI display doesn't work after update

Hi all, I recently updated my VIM3 to the latest kernel and my HDMI display is black on reboot (but I can still SSH into my VIM3). I hooked up a Serial cable to see what the output it and I find these lines:

khadas_support_mode 1920x1200p60hz
bestmode is 1920x1200p60hz, IEEEOUI 0x000c03
lcd: error: outputmode[1920x1200p60hz] is not support
cvbs: outputmode[1920x1200p60hz] is invalid
hdmitx: outputmode[1920x1200p60hz] is invalid
lcd: error: outputmode[1920x1200p60hz] is not support

It seems like the native resolution of my screen is not supported anymore. Does anyone know how to either:
A) change the default resolution to one that is supported by the VIM3
B) have 1920x1200 be supported by the VIM3?

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Does the screen works before update?

Can you try to disable the HDMI resolution autodetection? Edit /boot/env.txt to change hdmi_autodetect=yes to hdmi_autodetect=no.

I don’t have screen with resolution 1920x1200, so I’m not sure. Do you have other screen to test.


Yes, the screen worked before the update.
I also followed your advice and set hdmi_autodetect=no and then hdmi=1080p60 and it works now.

Thank you!


@creposukre i guess you have a 1920x1200p60hz monitor ,recently ,i released the vim3 android pie rom,could you help me to test 1920x1200p60hz resolution on vim3 ? please download this rom

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Hi Jason, sure I have a 1920x1200p60hz monitor and I can try this ROM out

Thank you very much. You can contact me if you have any questions

hi ,@creposukre , have you finished the 1920x1200p60hz resolution test on your monitor , I want to know the result quickly ,So I need you to take a moment to test it for me ,thank you so much !

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