HDMI CEC for mouse and keyboard to control VIM?

HDMI does have a CEC (Consumer_Electronics_Control) backchannel, which in principle could be used to carry mouse and keyboard signals. Is this channel somehow usable with Khadas VIM1…VIM3?

It would enable an according camera application to grab the video from HDMI of the VIM and provide the mouse and keyboard signals to VIM. This way, no carry-along of monitor and keyboard+mouse combo would be needed any more to maintain VIM devices, just a laptop and a suitable HDMI to USB converter would be enough.

I have used the HDMI to USB video converter with camera app on win10 to get rid or the monitor, but it would be very nice to get rid of extra keyboard/mouse too. I do no know however if there are HDMI to USB converters that support keyboard and mouse signal delivery or if VIM could use them. Does anybody have this knowledge?