Hardware Volume control over USB in Volumio?

is it possible to get hardware volume control over USB working in the latest Volumio? I read the Hardware Volume thread and can see that V1.04 firmware for Tone Board has enabled this, but it seems newer versions of Volumio have made this not possible again, so there is no Hardware option in the mixer selection. Only Software and None.
I am using Tone Board with a Rpi4 via USB.
Does anyone have a fix for this?

last Volumio works with toneboard without problem hardware volume same works (only for DTS format not wroks )

Thanks for the info. I tried again and disabled the DRC plugin to see if that was causing the issue and then I see the hardware mixer option appear. I reanabled the DRC plugin and it’s still there so yes it’s working as expected now. Brilliant :slight_smile:

now it looks like this :slight_smile: